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The Fearless Agent: A Manual for Real Estate Success

 Author: Ivania Alvarado  Category: Kindle Edition, Paperback Books, Real Estate  Published: February 4, 2022  ISBN: 1737560267  Pages: 198  Country: United State  Language: english

Are you a new real estate agent? Or have you been in the business for a while but aren’t experiencing the success you desire? If so, you have a choice: you can develop positive habits and succeed, or you can continue negative habits and be frustrated. Going forward, your business success depends on learning four critical steps: Action, Discipline, Habit, and Passion. Each step builds on the other, and when you master these four things, success is inevitable! The good news is: it is possible to learn these steps, and Ivania will show you how.
The book includes:

  • Specific scripts for meeting new people and introducing friends and family to your business
  • A detailed Business Debut schedule and planning template
  • Tips for setting goals and realistic timelines for how to set up your short-, medium-, and long-term plans
  • Mindset training tools for success
  • Vision Board guidance tools
  • A dictionary of real estate terms
  • A 90-day planner, including monthly and weekly pages
  • Setting up routines and accountability so you always have new prospects, referrals, and contacts

As a successful broker and real estate instructor, Ivania Alvarado knows exactly what it takes to achieve success in the real estate business. She has mentored over 100 agents and more than 1000 students in real estate. She has seen what works and what doesn’t. In this book, The Fearless Agent, she reveals the most important traits successful agents have, showing you how to start your new career on the right foot. If you’ve been an agent for a while, this book will put you back on the path to success.