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Your Dreams and You Journal & Planner: 52-Week Undated Agenda and Dream Journal Hardcover –

 Author: Ivania Alvarado  Category: Hardcover Books, Journal & Planner  Published: September 16, 2021  ISBN: ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1737560210  Pages: 246  Country: United State  Language: english  Tags: dreamsfuture |

What’s the purpose of dreams and why do we dream?


Dreams are useful for psychological regulation at an emotional level, learning, creativity, making decisions, helping us face our issues in a more direct, emotional manner, without escape, in a way that we have to make quick decisions. When we sleep, we regulate our homeostasis. We rest, recover our energy, and regulate it. Dreaming improves our learning, perhaps managing our emotions, by allowing us to feel things during the dream that we don’t allow ourselves to feel or experiment during the day. They expand our creativity, and help us find different ways to face our problems.

A companion book to “Your Dreams and You”, this journal and planner helps you record your dreams as you have them. It includes the meaning of several dream topics so you can start interpreting common dreams for yourself.

The planner is undated. You can easily pick it up at any time of the year and start using it. It includes yearly, monthly, and weekly days, as well as the dreams journal, and notes pages.

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