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Your Dreams and You

 Author: Ivania Alvarado  Category: Paperback Books  Published: June 10, 2021  ISBN: 979-8518109605  Country: United State  Language: english

What’s the purpose of dreams and why do we dream?
These are questions we sometimes ask ourselves when we wake up from a dream. All of their functions are not yet known, but these are some: The psychological regulation at an emotional level, learning, creativity, making decisions, to face our issues in a more direct, emotional manner, without escape, in a way that we have to make quick decisions. In other words, when we sleep, we regulate the homeostasis in our organism, we rest, recover our energy, and regulate it. Dreaming regulates our learning, perhaps managing our emotions, by allowing us to feel things during the dream that we don’t allow ourselves to feel or experiment during the day. They expand our creativity, and help us find different ways to face our problems.
This book contains a collection of interpretations made by the author as well as a precise dictionary of dreams, along with their respective lucky numbers, as well as a daily journal to record your dreams so you can practice their interpretation. Don’t miss this chance to learn to interpret your dreams and in this way, achieve them.