Why is it important to keep a diary of our dreams?

Keeping a diary of our dreams will help us interpret them.

Yes Every day you write, record your own interpretations and create a positive habit.

If for some reason you don’t remember your dream, start by writing down how you feel when you wake up. That’s the first step to remembering. When you do this exercise over time, you will develop a useful and healthy habit.

Remember that there are many reasons why keeping a diary of your dreams is important:

You can have a million-dollar idea.
You’ll have a better connection to yourself.
You’ll know yourself better.
Your consciousness and subconscious will align more easily when confronted.
You can heal past wounds.
You can decode the messages.
Your dreams always work in your favor; make them work for you.
It improves your memory.
It will be something to share with your friends and family.
For some, it works as therapy.
It can be a warning about adversity.
That enhances your creativity.
You can evaluate your feelings.

It’s fun.

It is an exercise for your mind and much more… I have published a beautiful journal that will be of great use to you, the perfect combination to use with your dictionary of dreams.