Why Your Dreams and You is a perfect gift?

Dreams and their interpretation have been a topic that has puzzled and interested humanity for thousands of years, before Christ to the present.

Regardless of religion, culture or nationality, as humans we want to know why we dream and if our dreams are useful. Whether old or young, we all dream.

For centuries, many people have considered their dreams to be revelations that are no more than a manifestation of a secret and hidden truth.

Who is sending us these messages? Why? Is it our subconscious? Our hidden wishes? Or perhaps it’s intelligence from beyond?

I wrote this book to help you interpret your own dreams. I hope you share your experiences with friends, family, or your partner, but especially with your children. This could be an excellent way to have something in common with your kids  and  find out if they are having any problems, whether someone is bothering them in school, or if they are having a drug problem. All of these issues are reflected in nightmares.

I’d also like to change the negative way you might interpret some dreams, especially if you say:

This is a bad, ugly dream.

I didn’t like it so I’m not going to interpret it.

To a certain degree, you’re right, because what you wish for in life generally comes true. At the same time, if you have a more open mind, you can interpret that dream, even if it made you lose sleep or it shocked you so much you don’t want to remember it. If you can confront it, it will help you differentiate between what’s real and what isn’t.

The majority of dreams we don’t like are “warning dreams.” Because of this, you  must  interpret  them to get to the message. In this book, I mention certain warning dreams the dreamer may not like, and I will share one of my “warning dreams” I had when I was   9 that repeated until I was 19.

In my recurring dream, I saw my father dying. Because I want to get everything positive from what God gives me that I can, I wanted to understood the importance of this recurring dream.

This dream helped me understand that I, as the eldest daughter, had to learn from life to prepare for what was coming. The dream was my key to resolving that problem. In the end, my father didn’t die, but there was a complete 180 degree change in my family’s life.

After interpreting a dream you don’t like, you take the positive, throw away the negative, and only recollect in your mind what you have to do so it won’t come true.

These types of dreams are not only warnings, but obtained experiences without having lived them in real life. At the same time, they are like a vaccine for what’s coming, so the experience can be more gentle or pass more smoothly.

We can manage and control our dreams to make them more positive, in our favor. We can use them to change the path of things, by turning an ugly or bad dream into something positive.

In this book, for some of the dreams, I will analyze them from a completely personal viewpoint.

Lastly, we must take advantage of our own dreams. There have been many writers, inventors, business people, and others who have made money from dreams.

The psychologist Carl Jung said:

” When we have dreams that are never erased from our minds, they are Great Dreams, when we learn to appreciate their meaning. They’re the “most precious jewels in the mine of our soul.”