Why are we dreaming?

What are they for and why do we dream?

All human beings dream, like animals. The difference between how animals and humans dream is that we spend most of our time in Rapid
Phase of eye movement.

Most of our dreams, especially those we remember, those that are more transcendental occur in the REM phase. We all need to enter this phase and dream to help the development and functioning of our brain.

When we sleep at night, we usually enter this phase two or three times. In REM, the heart and circulatory system accelerate. The nervous system produces intense discharges of energy that accelerate the circulatory rhythm.

According to scientists, all humans need to enter the REM phase. This is the time when our body repairs and processes the ideas and memories of the day.

Why do we dream and what do they serve? This is the question we ask ourselves when we wake up and remember a dream. Scientists have not been able to answer this question completely.The truth is that dreams are like puzzles. We have to study them and put them together piece by piece to get the result or response.

We have to interpret them, because if we dream it can not be for nothing. There must be a reason and reason is important for our progress and development. We need it for growth and daily enrichment, to understand part of life in our world when we are awake.

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